How do our sensors work?

WhareSensors measures the temperature and humidity of a room every 30 seconds. Place sensors in each room you spend significant time in, your bedrooms, and the main living space. The sensors discover each other wirelessly and form a mesh network, sending their readings to each other. One "gateway" unit, placed in the centre of the home will gather up all readings, and send to Whare Hauora for analysis.

Compare your home against robust health standards. 

Within days, we'll create a summary of the home environment, as it changes from day to night, warm to cold. Over the course of the year you'll create a profile of the seasons. You may learn that your child's room is well suited to sleeping in summer, but the temperature drops too low overnight in winter. Your living space may be too humid from cooking or lack of ventilation, and likely to allow mould growth.  As you make changes to your home, you can measure the difference.

What gets measured, gets managed. Remove the guesswork. Reassure yourself on your home's quality or learn where to focus improvements.

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