Our purpose is to measure the housing environments for New Zealanders.

With this information we hope to empower and educate residents on how they can make changes to their environment for a healthier home.


Our Beginning

Whare Hauora was formed from a discussion by two of the trustees, Amber Craig and Brenda Wallace, in early 2016. Brenda’s 5 year old daughter was continuously staying home from school or going to hospital for her asthma. 

To help measure the house and see whether her home was healthy, Brenda paid for a $300 sensor, but didn't want to buy 5 of these to put into her home. Thinking there had to be a better way, Brenda bought $30 worth of parts and created her own sensors for her home. This meant she could put a sensor in each room and compare the differences. With this information she was able to see that her daughter's room was the coldest bedroom in the house. Brenda was able to swap the room her daughter slept in, reducing her asthma, increasing the health of her whānau. 

When Amber and Brenda discussed this further, they thought that other families must be facing this challenge too. We looked at who to assist us with our journey and we brought on the amazing Hīria Te Rangi.


“you can't manage what you can't measure.”

— Brenda Wallace, FOUNDER (and some other awesome people)


Whare Hauora was created with the idea that our work should always be for the residents. It’s to help tell them how healthy their home is and what they could do to improve it. 

Whare Hauora were successful in our funding request to Ka Hao: Māori Digital Technology Development Fund. We're very honoured and grateful to the fund and the advisory panel for giving us this opportunity.


Our mission

We want to provide affordable equipment that will allow residents to measure the temperature and humidity within their whare (house). The information we collect, we will anonymise and aggregate. We will then share this publically to provide facts and data on the conditions New Zealanders live in. 

At Whare Hauora we work with a few key principles.

  • We do this for residents - residents are our first priority for building functionality.

  • We’re inclusive by default - taking into account disabilities, ethnicities and social situations.

  • We’re empathetic - to each other and to the residents. 

  • We assume the best in each other. 

  • If we see something wrong we’ll fix it or bring it up with the right person.

  • We’re transparent - in our work, our communications to our team and to the residents.

We want to deliver our mission by:

Installing sensors, free of charge, into social housing and at a reduced price for low cost rentals - to provide data on the living conditions

Develop a consumer product that is for sale with a social good model, of a buying one and gifting one to someone in need


How do we do this?

  1. Establish a community driven team
  2. Raise enough money to deliver on our main goals
  3. Reporting on our progress in a clear and precise way
  4. Quarterly reflection and planning session

Thanks to Figure.NZ and their public work outlining their kaupapa, goals and internal documents. We have appreciated their work and it has helped us to shape ours.


Get Involved?

Want to join us on our journey? We're looking for volunteers. Our code base is an open source project. 

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Whare Hauora is brought to you with help from


Rabid Technologies have been supporting us from the beginning and have allowed their staff (with their 20% time) to volunteer on our open source project.

OSH Park have helped us and provided us vouchers to be able to print our prototype boards. They've been with us from the begining.


Figure.nz are what we call our tuakana (older sister) in regards to their transparent policies and processes. They've cc-by'd their work and we've taken queue from that wanting to share our policies and processes online too.