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A bit of a kōrero!

Since our initial launch of our website we’ve been organically growing our reach. It started with just our friends and families and since it’s New Zealand and we’re a well connected bunch of people we got chatting to some scientists, data experts, user experience designers and so many more amazing people.

We’ve even been out and about talking at various events like Nethui about the idea of Whare Hauora and gathering feedback on whether we’re needed and if there is any learnings from some who may have come before us.

The resounding feedback we got from a lot of our kōrero with city councils, various communities (internet, online and māori) is that this is definitely needed and you’ve all overwhelmed us with your need and desire for such a tool. This has been amazing to hear and has made us even more determined and driven to continue with what we’re doing. 

We're a charity!

We have been working hard in the past few months applying for charity status. In June we kicked off the process to become a charity with lots of paperwork. To us it was about sending a clear message that we’re in this for the community. On Wednesday 26th of October we were approved as a Charity. It’s very exciting for us.
Photo - Hiria signing our trust deed.

Building, building, building...

Paperwork and talk is all well and fine but at the centre of Whare Hauora is the small device that will work in homes. Brenda has been leading a team to work on continuously improving on our initial devices. We now have some sensors giving sensing the environment constantly within the Rabid Technology offices.

As a trust that believes in open source, we have all of our work on Github. You can find it at

Our devices have changed a lot even over the past 6 months. The “gateway” device, that are the brains of our sensors, are now almost a ¼ of the original size.

Photos - One of our prototyping sensors and then a smaller version of the device. 

3D printed cases

We also tested out 3D printing cases to ensure a device is covered. Our volunteer Steve Bake has been 3D printing our cases and after a few prototypes sent us through this picture of a case.


We've had a heap of support from our volunteers and from companies that have fully supported us. We wanted to thank them individually so you know that they’re all awesome human beings.

Rabid Technologies for continuing to support us during this phase and allowing us to make use of their offices from time to time when we require it. Rabid tech also have many developers contributing their “20% time” towards the project.

Heroku for continuing to support us with infrastructure to help support collection of data from our devices.

Our volunteers. Seriously they’re amazing. Our volunteers to date have been Ben Bradshaw, Vini Natarajan, James Harton, Kara Rosemeier, Minh Ha, Steve Baker, Mike Forbes, Martin Brennan, Nat Dudley, Callum O’Hagan, Dan Phillips & Simon Carryer.

We’d also like to thank our families for being supportive as we’ve been undertaking projects and some long nights to get Whare Hauora going. Whether it’s been emotional support or helping us solder devices, it’s all very much appreciated.


The next stage of our journey we need to take is looking at funding and grants. What we’ve currently done to date has been self funded by the three directors and we’d like to move to scaling our build to support a few prototype areas around Wellington.

Hiria will be looking at applying for funds and grants so we can keep up momentum with our builds and start to get some communities connected in trials. 

Future events

Our directors will be presenting at some upcoming events and you can check them out.

Thanks for keeping in touch, any queries you have you can email us on


Amber Craig, Brenda Wallace & Hiria Te Rangi

Directors of Whare Hauora.

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