Our Whare Sensor
PledgeMe Campaign

We want to run a Buy one, Give one Pledgeme Campaign, where you can buy a Whare Sensor Kit for your home and give one away to a family that might not be able to afford one.
(Due to the power of bulk buying, we might even be able to give away MORE than one, per kit bought!)

Where we are now.

In August last year, Whare Hauora was successful in our funding request to Ka Hao: Māori Digital Technology Development Fund. We are very honoured and grateful to the fund and the advisory panel for giving us this opportunity.

With the money from the Ka Hao fund, we have taken the initial designs that our Whare Hauora Volunteers created and we are now scaling them out, with some changes to make our sensors and gateways more commercially viable.

We expect to be finished this in May, with our first open pilot run in Strathmore in June, followed closely by Porirua in July. 

After we have some in-field data and our sensors, gateway and dashboard are in the real world, we will then run a PledgeMe campaign most likely in September!

What you can do to keep up to date.

If you want to be notified as to when that starts, what the sensors will look like, how much they might cost and all that other great stuff add your name below, so we can keep you up to date.