Sensors that tell you when your home is making you sick

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Whare Hauora is a social enterprise with not for profit status, created with the idea that our work should always be for the residents. It’s to help tell them how healthy their home is and what they could do to improve it. 

You can’t manage, what you can’t measure

Our Beginning

Whare Hauora was formed from a discussion by two of the trustees, Amber Craig and Brenda Wallace, in early 2016. Brenda’s 5 year old daughter was continuously staying home from school because of her asthma. 

To help measure the house and see whether her home was healthy, Brenda paid for a $300 sensor, but didn't want to buy 5 of these to put into her home. Thinking there had to be a better way, Brenda bought $30 worth of parts and created her own sensors for her home. This meant she could put a sensor in each room and compare the differences. With this information she was able to see that her daughter's room was the coldest bedroom in the house. Brenda was able to swap the room her daughter slept in, reducing her asthma, increasing the health of her whānau. 

When Amber and Brenda discussed this further, they thought that other families must be facing this challenge too. We looked at who to assist us with our journey and we brought on the amazing Hīria Te Rangi.