How will Whare Hauora fix our unhealthy home problem?

Whare Hauora has been asked many times.

"How will sensors fix our unhealthy homes?"

This is where we outline our plan.


Step 1  - You can’t manage, what you can’t measure

Aim: Cover Aotearoa in Whare Sensors, so that we know the breadth and depth of our unhealthy home problem.

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Step 2 - Get The Electricity data for Each Whanau

Aim: Bringing down the electricity cost of making a home healthy

If you know how much electricity you use and you know how much each retailer charges then you can figure out the cheapest electricity for you!

With electricity data we’ll be able to tell a whanau

  • What they're spending on electricity and give them pricing comparisons between companies, so they can switch if they need to.

  • How much the home costs, to heat a room from unhealthy to healthy and keep it there, for a day, week, month or season

  • How much resistance a house has against external temperature - ie does the home have insulation

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Step 3 - create Hauora Collective 

Aim: Use collective buying power to leverage the group size in exchange for discounts.

With this Nationwide platform we as a collective would be able to buy insulation, heat pumps, appliances, food etc and because of our number ask for large discounts from companies.

We could also ask the Government to cover some cost as well due to the drop in health and housing expenditure.

We could then measure the effect these changes have on our homes and health.