23rd March - New sensors sneak peak

Kia ora Whānau,

First my deepest condolences for our Muslim whānau, I cannot find the words. All I know is that we must be the change, in ourselves, our families and our community in order to support our Muslim whānau to live the lives they choose and to ensure this never happens again.

An update on where Whare Hauora and the whare sensors are now.

Whare Hauora Org

Whare Hauora is actively seeking impact investment, we're currently talking to Foundation North and ākina to see if we fit within their investment strategy. We would use the money to buy sensor kit stock to hold in Aotearoa, extend the sensor range and the Dashboard as well as add a smart plug, rebrand Whare sensors into its own brand and look at extending to other countries.
Whare Hauora also made it through to the Technical round for the Expo 2020 Dubai impact grant programme, if we pass the Technical round, I get to pitch in Dubai and if we get past that we are granted $100kus.


We've also been applying to community trusts in different areas so that we can get whare sensor kits and school sensors installed in homes and schools all over Aotearoa.

An ask: If you have experience in writing funding applications and would like to volunteer some time, we could really do with some help. Thankyou.

Whare Sensor Kits

As you know we went to China last year to get our sensors manufactured in order to bring down the price and to be able to scale into the 10,000s if need be.

Here are our new sensors 

From left to right- Our NZ made sensor that is being replaced- The replacement temperature and humidity sensor that uses zigbee and will last 3 years on one coin battery. - A kit is 4 of these and a hub - The prototype sensor, pushes data to the dashboard via the hub and also displays it on a screen. Does not need to be internet connected in order to display - is bluetooth and expensive, we're still working on this one and it will take some time.

image (1).png

When we ran the Pledgeme campaign, I said we would get the whare sensor kits out by February, my apologies it is now March and it looks like we won't distribute to our Pledgeme whānau until May. We still have some work to go, it won't be easy due to the distance but once we get our processes down the next runs of 1000 kits will be easier and faster- we recently received our test kits to test functionality, installation and write our installation instructions- manufacture and make the firmware change - in China- test - in China- import into NZ- package and send out

We also have a lot of regulatory compliance to get through but it shouldn't be that arduous as the manufacturer already does it for other clients.

On the School sensors front, we should have the prototypes out and collecting data to the participating schools by April. We're hoping to make the data a part of the children's science curriculum.
Our aim is to combine the home data and the school data so that we have a good sense of how healthy our children's environments are at an aggregated level.

Things are still going well, we hope to introduce two new Whare Hauora Trust Board Members in our next update, have funding sorted and have the kits in Aotearoa, ready for distribution. 

As always please feel free to ask questions, pō marie.

Hiria Te Rangi