May 6th - sensor integration

Kia ora whānau,

An update on where we're at with Whare hauora integration with the new sensors and gateway.

As you hopefully know we've been getting right into the integration of the new sensors and gateways with our dashboard. We had samples shipped over to check over how we would go about this integration and we thought it was a simple firmware upgrade and a couple of front end changes and we should be good to go.

We were right about the firmware upgrade, we're about to start testing of that, but that's about where simple ends and complex begins.

As you may have guessed, our manufacturing partner pumps out 100's of thousands of kits a year and so their backend systems, kit set up and registration, app and mac address management reflect that ease of use and quickly scalable capability.

When we built our dashboard for whare hauora, it was for a small pilot that could perhaps go up to 1000 hand built kits at the extreme end and we thought that was great! because we were starting with around 40. 

We couldn't have known that partnering with an international manufacturer was going to be our next step, who would've thought that I would have ever convinced someone to allow me to replace the firmware in their product with Whare Hauora's firmware. It's actually quite outrageous and completely against regular business and tech "rules". You do what you must when you have to.

It also means that some of our systems, processes and ability to scale don't match and we have to upgrade a fair few of them so that we come up to par with our manufacturer so the kits work.

Essentially this means we need more time, we still have to manufacture, quality assure the gateways and sensors, package and import the kits, so I would put it at July/August. I'll keep these updates more regular so everyone knows what's going on. I apologise for this, but truly we needed to make this jump if we were ever going to serve the 1.5 million odd homes in Aotearoa.

To ensure that we can continue to pay for development, I have also gone back to part-time contracting, increased the number of funding applications and looked at moving towards becoming a social enterprise so we can go for equity funding as well. 

The good news is that after this is done, we will be able to do over the air firmware updates, one touch home set up of the kits, the gateways will have wifi connectivity and for us techies continuous deployment will be up and running. We also think we will have iOS and android apps done as well but these will come last and only if we have budget, though the bones are already there.

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions.

Thank you as always for your patience,

Pō mārie,


Hiria Te Rangi