July 9th update: we're getting there whanau!

We’re doing another Pledgeme Campaign!

Why have we taken so long with the last campaign?

When we built the original prototype (before we did this Pledgeme Campaign), we only had enough money to design, test and manufacture 40 kits. We did not include "over the air updates" in the design.

You know how your phone needs an update to work sometimes? So do the Whare sensor kits, because we didn't have enough money and we didn't think any changes would occur, we didn't build it into the kits. Over Christmas 2018 an online code library was dropped/replaced/archived/removed and all of our kits stopped working.

The only way to fix this problem, was to bring all of the kits in and update the kits manually.

We didn't want to give you these kits, simply because it could and probably would happen again and so I went to Shenzhen China and negotiated with a manufacturer to allow our firmware to be installed into their gateways.

They said yes, did due diligence on us and we started integration and updates to our backend and web app.

That took us a long while as the Shenzhen technology was quite a bit ahead of ours but we're ready now and because we have production run minimums and Community organisations wanted to run small pilots without buying 100's we thought it was best to do it all at once.

Because it is not enough to put a Whare hauora sensor kit in a home, we must be able to connect whānau to organisations that can support whanau to create a healthier home long term.

Thats it from me, as always if you have any questions please facebook or email me at hiria@wharehauora.nz

Noho ora mai,

Hiria Te Rangi