Whare sensors

What is in a Whare sensor kit, what do the sensors measure and how does it all fit together?

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Whare sensor kit

Whare sensor kit


Our Whare sensor kits are modular, meaning you receive 4 sensors and a gateway, each sensor and gateway comes in 4 parts that take about 10 minutes to assemble, each. Give them to the kids to assemble, its just like lego!

For each sensor and gateway, you will receive:

  • a top and bottom case
  • a PCB board
  • a battery holder for the sensor, already connected to the PCB board
  • batteries for the sensors
  • 6 screws and 2 washers
  • ethernet cable for the gateway
  • power plug for the gateway
  • instructions for assembly, pairing and installation

Why do we do this? During user testing, our residents said "Can it hear me?" "Is it a bomb?" "It looks like it has a camera in it" So we wanted to empower our whanau by teaching them basic electronics assembly so they can see the PCB board, know where the temperature and humidity sensors are and know that there isn't anything in there that shouldn't be there.


Whare hauora dashboard

Whare hauora dashboard

What does the whare sensor measure?

The Whare sensors measure temperature, humidity and the dashboard calculates the dew point index.

Dew point index is the temperature at which the moisture in the air cools so much it condensates and collects on the surfaces in a room. If you have woken up with the top of your bed and dresser damp, this is what has occurred.

With temperature and humidity readings we compare those against WHO recommendations for healthy homes and tell you if your room is going to make you sick via notifications to your phone.

Did you know? That humidity over 60% means that mould is growing in your home and is probably releasing spores into the air? Thats what triggers allergic reactions like coughing, sneezing and skin irritation, which may also trigger asthma.

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How whare sensors work

Install Whare sensors where you think you have temperature or humidity problems, this is usually bedrooms and living rooms.

The sensors take temperature and humidity readings every 10 minutes. Don't worry 2xAA batteries will last a year.

The gateway pulls the readings from the sensors and pushes the data through the Internet to our dashboard, where it interprets the data into something meaningful for our residents so that they can make informed decisions and know their next steps.